We Can Work Together
for 4 Reasons

#1 to get financial clarity and take control of your financial house 

Using a 5-step approach to financial clarity, we'll explore your financial goals and dreams, examine the floors of your financial house, and identify opportunities for advice, investments, insurance, banking, and generosity to bring you one step closer to taking control of your financial future and live a meaningful life.

#2 to teach a group of young men about wealth building and entrepreneurship 

Inside my introductory wealth building and entrepreneurship program, The Young Man's Guide to W.E.A.L.T.H., young men will learn and embrace the 6 components of wealth: Word of God & Investing In Yourself, Entrepreneurship & Monetizing Your Gifts, Assets vs. Liabilities, Leverage & Investing for the Future, Tithes and Giving Back, & Homeownership & Real Estate. By the end of the Young Man's Guide to W.E.A.L.T.H., young men will be able to apply wealth principles to their lives and begin the journey of building wealth, now. 

#3 to educate and activate investing for the future 

The Roth50 Challenge is a catalyst for rewriting the financial habits and financial legacy in our community and doing my part to build generational wealth one Roth IRA at a time. The Roth50 Challenge teaches

  • the basics of investing, 

  • the Rule of 72,

  • the power of having a Roth IRA, 

  • why investing $50/month at a young age is so crucial,

  • the purpose of a financial advisor 

  • and more! 


Interested and eligible participants will also have an opportunity to take action by scheduling an appointment to open a Roth IRA.

#4 to jumpstart your wellness regimen 

Inside my introductory fitness & wellness program, The Fellas & Fitness, 10-Day Challenge, you’ll jumpstart your wellness regime with 5 strength training workouts, an intro to meal planning and prepping for men, and a 5-day simple and effective detox.

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