Are you investing at least $50/month in a Roth Individual Retirement Account?

If not, the Roth50 Challenge is for you!

The Roth50 Challenge, an initiative to educate and activate wealth-building habits in minority young adults, is a catalyst for rewriting the financial habits and legacy in our community and doing our part to build generational wealth one Roth IRA at a time!

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The Roth50 Challenge, is all about investing on autopilot and making it a habit to invest for your future.


During the Roth50 Challenge, participants will learn

  • the 3 basics of investing,

  • the rule of 72 and how to double your money quicker,

  • the power of having a Roth IRA, 

  • why investing $50/month at a young age is so crucial,

  • the purpose of a financial advisor 

  • and more! 


Interested and eligible participants will then have an opportunity to take action by scheduling an appointment with their financial advisor (me!) to open a Roth IRA!

"I love the Roth IRA. Tax-free income in retirement is a truly great deal" - Suze Orman

Yes, you read that right! But, that's not the only thing an Roth IRA can be used for.  Having funds in a Roth IRA can be used to purchase your first home, pay for higher education, medical expenses, and of course, retirement, without a penalty.


How much wealth will you build with your Roth IRA? (The orange is all of the wealth! The blue is what you put in!) One thing I know for sure is that we talk about and think about building wealth. What’s not happening enough is taking action, staying committed, and being a part of the change we want to see in the world. 

Hi, I'm Chike!


Being in a position to educate and empower our young men to take control of their financial future, sooner rather than later, makes my role as a licensed financial professional worthwhile. It's one thing to manage wealth, it's more powerful to build wealth. 


That's why I believe that every African American young man 18 or older have a Roth IRA and begin investing at least $50/month.

Too often, we know the things we have to do, but rarely do we pause and make time for what really matters. And, in this case, it’s our financial future. Abundance and prosperity is our birthright.


That's why I started the Roth50 Challenge! Are you excited to begin investing in your future with a Roth IRA?


The Roth50 Program is for you (or your group) if you...


  • are at least 18 years old or have a child under 18

  • are not already working with a financial advisor, but it’s been on your to-do list 

  • have not opened a Roth IRA

  • have a Roth IRA you don’t understand 

  • want to take control of your financial future and make sure your money is working for you

  • want to set your investing and wealth building game plan on autopilot 

  • can commit to contributing at least $50/month (or communicating with your advisor to pause your contributions) ​

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why only $50?Can I invest more than $50/month?

$50 is the minimum contribution to open an account and invest in mutual funds (a group of stocks). You can invest up to $500/m or $6,000 for the year.

What happens if we don’t contribute each month? 

You will have access to your account to pause contributions at any moment. You may also reach out to me to pause your contributions for a certain time period. All contributions will continue to be invested. 

Can I open an account for someone younger than 18? 

Absolutely! The longer the account is open and invested in the market the better. 

What other services can I take advantage of?

We offer everything from financial advice (free and fee-based) life and disability insurance, investments, bank accounts, generosity, and more!

How can we get started in the Roth50 Program? 

  • Attend the next Roth50 event or schedule a session with your group to learn the basics of investing, the Rule of 72, and the Power of having a Roth IRA and schedule your Roth50 appointment 

  • If you'd like (and are eligible) to open a Roth IRA, schedule and show up to your appointment with any questions, your account number, and personal information to open your account

  • Continue contributing at least $50 monthly and feel excited about wealth building on autopilot.

  • Meet with your financial advisor (me!) at least every 6 months 


I'd love to hear from you!

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